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Learn Red ? Fundamentals of Red

By : Ivo Balbaert
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Learn Red ? Fundamentals of Red

By: Ivo Balbaert

Overview of this book

A key problem of software development today is software bloat, where huge toolchains and development environments are needed in software coding and deployment. Red significantly reduces this bloat by offering a minimalist but complete toolchain. This is the first introductory book about it, and it will get you up and running with Red as quickly as possible. This book shows you how to write effective functions, reduce code redundancies, and improve code reuse. It will be helpful for new programmers who are starting out with Red to explore its wide and ever-growing package ecosystem and also for experienced developers who want to add Red to their skill set. The book presents the fundamentals of programming in Red and in-depth informative examples using a step-by-step approach. You will be taken through concepts and examples such as doing simple metaprogramming, functions, collections, GUI applications, and more. By the end of the book, you will be fully equipped to start your own projects in Red.
Table of Contents (13 chapters)


  1. How can you make the series data: [A B C D] into a series of characters? Is it by phrasing it as data: ["A" "B" "C" "D"]?
  2. We now have a data series that contains [B C D]. Move to the tail by applying next three times, while binding data to the result. Get the info at each next stage with head?, tail?, and index?. Draw a schema.
  3. Using the series from the end of the previous question, apply back with binding and get the info.
  4. Find out what happens when we use data: skip data -2.
  5. Given the series [323 2498 94321 31 82, print out the numbers bigger than 1,000.
  6. What is the result when you select an item from an empty series?
  7. Given the series s: ["A" "B" [42.1 42.2 42.3] red], how can you get to item 42.2 with the path notation? Try the same with pick.
  8. Given the s series from the previous question, what is the...