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Salesforce Process Builder Quick Start Guide

By : Rakesh Gupta
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Salesforce Process Builder Quick Start Guide

By: Rakesh Gupta

Overview of this book

Salesforce Management System is an information system used in CRM to automate business processes, such as sales and marketing. Process Builder is a visual tool created to automate business processes in Salesforce. It enables users with no coding expertise to build complex Salesforce workflows. The book starts with an introduction to Process Builder, focussing on the building blocks of creating Processes. Then you will learn about different applications of Process Builder for developing streamlined solutions. You will learn how to easily automate business processes and tackle complex business scenarios using Processes. The book explains the workings of the Process Builder so that you can create reusable processes. It also explains how you can migrate existing Workflow Rules to Process Builder. By the end of the book, you will have a clear understanding of how to use Flows and Process Builder to optimize code usage.
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Distributing or deploying Processes

Once you are done with Process development, the next step is to deploy the Process. There are a couple of ways in which you can deploy or distribute it. They are as follows:

  • Change Sets
  • Packages
  • Integrated development environment (such as IDE and MavnesMate)

Deploying using Change Sets

Change Sets allow you to deploy the Processes to a connected Salesforce organization such as your production environment or another Sandbox.

Let's look at a business scenario. Alice Atwood is working as a system administrator at Universal Containers. She has developed a process in a Sandbox (Full Sandbox) and is done with testing. She wants to migrate the newly created process to the production organization.

For the preceding business scenario, when both Salesforce organizations are connected like a Full Sandbox and Production, it's best practice to use Change Sets to deploy the components. In this chapter, we are going to focus on the alternative: using a package.