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Learn C Programming

By : Jeff Szuhay
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Learn C Programming

By: Jeff Szuhay

Overview of this book

C is a powerful general-purpose programming language that is excellent for beginners to learn. This book will introduce you to computer programming and software development using C. If you're an experienced developer, this book will help you to become familiar with the C programming language. This C programming book takes you through basic programming concepts and shows you how to implement them in C. Throughout the book, you'll create and run programs that make use of one or more C concepts, such as program structure with functions, data types, and conditional statements. You'll also see how to use looping and iteration, arrays, pointers, and strings. As you make progress, you'll cover code documentation, testing and validation methods, basic input/output, and how to write complete programs in C. By the end of the book, you'll have developed basic programming skills in C, that you can apply to other programming languages and will develop a solid foundation for you to advance as a programmer.
Table of Contents (33 chapters)
Section 1: C Fundamentals
Section 2: Complex Data Types
Section 3: Memory Manipulation
Section 4: Input and Output
Section 5: Building Blocks for Larger Programs

Using the preprocessor effectively

The following are some guidelines for using and not using the preprocessor effectively:

  • If you can write a function in C, do that instead of using a preprocessor macro.
    You may also want to consider the use of the inline C declaration. inline provides a suggestion to the compiler to place the body of the function wherever it is called as if a textual substitution were done. This has the advantage of preserving all of the type checking, as well as eliminating the overhead of a function call.inline becomes useful in very high-performance programming situations.
  • Use the preprocessor as a last resort for performance. Eliminating statements or function calls as a means of improving performance is known as central processing unit (CPU) cycle trimming and is highly subject to even minor variations in system configurations. Therefore, strive to pick the best, most efficient algorithm before resorting to cycle trimming.
  • ...