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Beginning Java Data Structures and Algorithms

By : James Cutajar
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Beginning Java Data Structures and Algorithms

By: James Cutajar

Overview of this book

Learning about data structures and algorithms gives you a better insight on how to solve common programming problems. Most of the problems faced everyday by programmers have been solved, tried, and tested. By knowing how these solutions work, you can ensure that you choose the right tool when you face these problems. This book teaches you tools that you can use to build efficient applications. It starts with an introduction to algorithms and big O notation, later explains bubble, merge, quicksort, and other popular programming patterns. You’ll also learn about data structures such as binary trees, hash tables, and graphs. The book progresses to advanced concepts, such as algorithm design paradigms and graph theory. By the end of the book, you will know how to correctly implement common algorithms and data structures within your applications.
Table of Contents (12 chapters)

Introducing Greedy Algorithms

Algorithms typically go through a sequence of steps, wherein each step you have a set of choices. Greedy algorithms, as the name suggests, follow the heuristic of making the locally choice at each step, with the hope of arriving at a global optimum. To better understand what we mean by this, let's introduce a problem.

The Activity Selection Problem

Peter is an energetic guy, and usually has many things to do in a given day. However, with the amount of things he wants to do, he is usually unable to do them all in a single day. What he usually does after waking up is write up a list of activities that he has to do, along with their time span. Then, looking at that list, he devises a plan for the day, trying to accommodate as many activities as possible.

Being an energetic guy, he usually rushes through this process and finds himself doing fewer activities than possible throughout the day. Can you help him maximize the amount of activities he can do in a day, given...