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The Art of CRM

By : Max Fatouretchi
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The Art of CRM

By: Max Fatouretchi

Overview of this book

CRM systems have delivered huge value to organizations. This book shares proven and cutting-edge techniques to increase the power of CRM even further. In The Art of CRM, Max Fatouretchi shares his decades of experience building successful CRM systems that make a real difference to business performance. Through clear processes, actionable advice, and informative case studies, The Art of CRM teaches you to design successful CRM systems for your clients. Fatouretchi, founder of Academy4CRM institute, draws on his experience over 20 years and 200 CRM implementations worldwide. Bringing CRM bang up to date, The Art of CRM shows how to add AI and machine learning, ensure compliance with GDPR, and choose between on-premise, cloud, and hybrid hosting solutions. If you’re looking for an expert guide to real-world CRM implementations, this book is for you.
Table of Contents (15 chapters)
The Art of CRM
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The current state of AI

AI today is used in almost all fields and industries, including consumer, healthcare, finance, government, and automotive.

Examples of modern AI use include:

  • Search engines: Such as Microsoft Bing or Google search.

  • Autonomous vehicles: Such as airplanes and self-driving cars.

  • Medical diagnosis: Such as predicting the chances of you having cancer.

  • Playing games: Such as chess or Go.

  • Online assistants: Such as Apple's Siri or Amazon's Alexa.

  • Creating art: Such as poetry.

  • Speech recognition: Such as speech-to-text software.

  • Image and pattern recognition: Such as spam filtering and targeting online advertisements.

One of the first mass AI-driven business applications ever was the AutoCorrect feature in Microsoft Office, which was first introduced by Microsoft in 1993. Everyone is using it today in Microsoft Office without even noticing it.

What matters most is the business outcome. Often, when an AI application reaches mainstream adoption, it is no longer considered AI...