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Jumpstart Logic Pro 10.6

By : Jay Asher
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Jumpstart Logic Pro 10.6

By: Jay Asher

Overview of this book

Logic Pro is Apple’s flagship application for music creation, found in many professional music studios across the globe. It is a powerful digital audio workstation that comes with all the software tools that you need to create music that sounds great. In the previous version, Logic Pro 10.5, Apple had added impressive features to what was already a full package of tools, loops, FX plug-ins, and software instruments. Providing a comprehensive introduction if you’re new to Mac computer music creation, this practical guide will show you how to use Logic Pro and have you up to speed in no time. You’ll not only understand what Apple’s Logic Pro software can do but also get hands-on with using it to accomplish various musical tasks. The book starts by getting you up and running with the basic terminologies. As you progress, you’ll explore how to create audio and MIDI musical parts. To build on your knowledge further, the book will guide you through developing an automated mix. In addition to this, you’ll learn how to bounce mixes and audio files for distribution. By the end of this book, you’ll be well-versed with Logic Pro and have the skills you need to create professional-quality music.
Table of Contents (17 chapters)

Chapter 1: Beginning with Logic Pro 10.6

If you have purchased this book, then you probably already know that Logic Pro is Apple's flagship application for music creation. I like to say that if you can conceive it, you can create it with Logic Pro 10.6. It comes with everything you really need, and more, at a bargain price.

10.6 has added some very impressive features to what was already a full package of tools, loops, FX plug-ins, and software instruments. In addition to Logic Pro revolutionary Drummer, Drum Machine Designer has had a significant upgrade and works with Live Loops in an exciting way that Ableton Live and GarageBand iOS users will be familiar with. Quick Sampler, along with the new updated Sampler, is a game changer for me. Auto Sampler, previously only available in Main Stage, is now part of Logic Pro. Recording your vocals and guitars is now a snap.

Specifically, this chapter covers the following topics:

  • Important information for beginning with...