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Mastering TypeScript - Fourth Edition

By : Nathan Rozentals
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Mastering TypeScript - Fourth Edition

By: Nathan Rozentals

Overview of this book

TypeScript is both a language and a set of tools to generate JavaScript, designed by Anders Hejlsberg at Microsoft to help developers write enterprise-scale JavaScript. Mastering Typescript is a golden standard for budding and experienced developers. With a structured approach that will get you up and running with Typescript quickly, this book will introduce core concepts, then build on them to help you understand (and apply) the more advanced language features. You’ll learn by doing while acquiring the best programming practices along the way. This fourth edition also covers a variety of modern JavaScript and TypeScript frameworks, comparing their strengths and weaknesses. You'll explore Angular, React, Vue, RxJs, Express, NodeJS, and others. You'll get up to speed with unit and integration testing, data transformation, serverless technologies, and asynchronous programming. Next, you’ll learn how to integrate with existing JavaScript libraries, control your compiler options, and use decorators and generics. By the end of the book, you will have built a comprehensive set of web applications, having integrated them into a single cohesive website using micro front-end techniques. This book is about learning the language, understanding when to apply its features, and selecting the framework that fits your real-world project perfectly.
Table of Contents (19 chapters)
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Integration with JavaScript

One of the most appealing facets of JavaScript development is the wealth of external JavaScript libraries that have already been published, are tried and tested, and are available for re-use. Libraries such as jQuery, Underscore, Backbone, and Moment have been around for years, are well documented, and can be used to enhance the JavaScript development experience. As we know, TypeScript generates JavaScript, so we can easily use these libraries and frameworks in TypeScript.

JavaScript is also valid TypeScript, and we can even rename a standard JavaScript file to a TypeScript file just by changing the .js file extension to a .ts file extension, if we were converting existing JavaScript files to TypeScript. Remember that the strict typing syntax that is used in TypeScript is entirely optional, and we can therefore slowly start to introduce types into a renamed file. The strict typing syntax is also known as syntactic sugar, which can be sprinkled on top...