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Microsoft Power Apps Cookbook

By : Eickhel Mendoza
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Microsoft Power Apps Cookbook

By: Eickhel Mendoza

Overview of this book

Microsoft Power Apps Cookbook is a complete resource filled with meticulously crafted recipes to help you build customized business apps that meet ever-changing enterprise demands. You will learn how to design modern apps with the low-code approach in a rapid application development environment by achieving enterprise-wide business agility.
Table of Contents (13 chapters)

Handling image resources in components

In Chapter 5, Extending the Platform, we learned about the Power Apps components feature – small building blocks that encapsulate a set of controls to be reused across an application.

These components isolate themselves from the applications so they can get used anywhere, no matter their purpose. This behavior means that a component can't access variables or resources from an application unless passed through custom properties.

It also means that resources included in components won't be available from the applications loading those components.

Let's use the following example: You create a component to display an About dialog for all your solutions. This dialog includes the logo of your company. When you build it, everything works correctly, but the logo doesn't show when you use it, as a component, in your solutions.

This happens because the component only packs its definition and doesn't include resources...