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Microsoft Power Apps Cookbook

By : Eickhel Mendoza
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Microsoft Power Apps Cookbook

By: Eickhel Mendoza

Overview of this book

Microsoft Power Apps Cookbook is a complete resource filled with meticulously crafted recipes to help you build customized business apps that meet ever-changing enterprise demands. You will learn how to design modern apps with the low-code approach in a rapid application development environment by achieving enterprise-wide business agility.
Table of Contents (13 chapters)

Building a responsive password manager in Power Apps – setting up the Azure Key Vault service

Password managers are tools to handle all your credentials from a central location, protecting them using a primary password and encryption. They can save both personal and work-related credentials for services we use every day.

We are going to leverage Microsoft Azure services to build our application. Azure is a platform that aims to help organizations meet their business needs with a wide range of cloud services.

Microsoft Azure offers a service that is called Azure Key Vault, which provides a "safe" to hold both credentials and certificates most securely by encrypting this information in hardware security modules. For more information, see

Explanation and overview

To access our data source, we will use the Azure Key Vault connector, which is just one in the ever-growing list of connectors available for canvas...