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Microsoft Power Apps Cookbook

By : Eickhel Mendoza
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Microsoft Power Apps Cookbook

By: Eickhel Mendoza

Overview of this book

Microsoft Power Apps Cookbook is a complete resource filled with meticulously crafted recipes to help you build customized business apps that meet ever-changing enterprise demands. You will learn how to design modern apps with the low-code approach in a rapid application development environment by achieving enterprise-wide business agility.
Table of Contents (13 chapters)

Automating the integration of Power Apps inside Teams

When a custom application gets deployed to the Apps section in Microsoft Teams, it becomes available to the whole platform. You can use them in channels, chats and even as a standalone application inside the Teams interface by pinning them to the main toolbar.

These methods allow you to configure Teams to match your needs. However, you might need to build an application for your entire organization that is quickly available for all users in the main toolbar without asking each user to pin it manually.

Using the Microsoft Teams admin portal, we can achieve this deployment requirement. We will also learn how to automate a team deployment with a power app included.

Getting ready

The resources needed to build this recipe are available on our GitHub repository located at

To manage the Microsoft Teams admin portal, the user requires the...