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Cloud-Native Development and Migration to Jakarta EE

By : Ron Veen, David Vlijmincx
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Cloud-Native Development and Migration to Jakarta EE

By: Ron Veen, David Vlijmincx

Overview of this book

Cloud-Native Development and Migration to Jakarta EE will help you unlock the secrets of Jakarta EE's evolution as you explore the migration and modernization of your applications. You’ll discover how to make your code compatible with the latest Jakarta EE version and how to leverage its modern features effectively. First, you’ll navigate the realm of cloud-native development as you demystify containers and get introduced to the Eclipse MicroProfile, a powerful tool in your toolkit. Next, you’ll take the bold step of transitioning your applications from local hardware to the limitless possibilities of the cloud. By following the author’s expert guidance to deploy your Jakarta EE applications on Microsoft Azure, you’ll gain hands-on experience in managing cloud resources. In the final leg of your journey, you’ll explore the world of serverless architecture. You’ll learn to design and run services that are truly serverless, harnessing the potential of the event-driven paradigm for scalability and cost-efficiency. By the end of this book, you’ll have mastered Jakarta EE and become a proficient cloud-native developer. Join us on this exciting journey of transformation and innovation as you pave the way for the future of Jakarta EE and cloud-native development.
Table of Contents (18 chapters)
Part 1: History of Java EE and Jakarta EE
Part 2: Modern Jakarta EE
Part 3: Embracing the Cloud
Appendix A: Java EE to Jakarta EE names
Appendix B: As a Service

Part 1: History of Java EE and Jakarta EE

In this part, you will get an overview of the history of enterprise Java and the application we will be migrating throughout this book. The historical context will shed light on the transformation from Java EE and underscore the necessity of migrating to Jakarta EE 10. This will also include the changes that Jakarta EE made to make developing applications easier. The introduction of the Cargo tracker will help you familiarize yourself with the application, so you know what we are migrating and the challenges we’ll encounter.

This part has the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1, The History of Enterprise Java
  • Chapter 2, Introducing the Cargo Tracker Application