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Mastering Go - Second Edition

By : Mihalis Tsoukalos
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Mastering Go - Second Edition

By: Mihalis Tsoukalos

Overview of this book

Often referred to (incorrectly) as Golang, Go is the high-performance systems language of the future. Mastering Go, Second Edition helps you become a productive expert Go programmer, building and improving on the groundbreaking first edition. Mastering Go, Second Edition shows how to put Go to work on real production systems. For programmers who already know the Go language basics, this book provides examples, patterns, and clear explanations to help you deeply understand Go’s capabilities and apply them in your programming work. The book covers the nuances of Go, with in-depth guides on types and structures, packages, concurrency, network programming, compiler design, optimization, and more. Each chapter ends with exercises and resources to fully embed your new knowledge. This second edition includes a completely new chapter on machine learning in Go, guiding you from the foundation statistics techniques through simple regression and clustering to classification, neural networks, and anomaly detection. Other chapters are expanded to cover using Go with Docker and Kubernetes, Git, WebAssembly, JSON, and more. If you take the Go programming language seriously, the second edition of this book is an essential guide on expert techniques.
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About the reviewer

Mat Ryer has been programming computers since he was six years old. He would build games and programs, first in BASIC on a ZX Spectrum, and then in AmigaBASIC and AMOS on Commodore Amiga with his father. Many hours were spent manually copying the code from the Amiga Format magazine and tweaking variables or moving GOTO statements around to see what might happen. The same spirit of exploration and obsession with programming led Mat to starting work with a local agency in Mansfield, England, when he was 18, where he started to build websites and other online services.

After several years of working with various technologies and industries in London and around the world, Mat noticed a new systems language called Go that Google was pioneering. Since it addressed very pertinent and relevant modern technical challenges, he started using it to solve problems while the language was still in the beta stage, and he has been using it ever since. Mat contributes to open-source projects and has founded Go packages, including Testify, Moq, Silk, and Is, as well as a macOS developer tool called BitBar.

In 2018, Mat co-founded Machine Box and still spends a lot of time speaking at conferences, writing about Go on his blog, and being an active member of the Go community.