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Master Apache JMeter - From Load Testing to DevOps

By : Antonio Gomes Rodrigues, Bruno Demion (Milamber), Philippe Mouawad
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Master Apache JMeter - From Load Testing to DevOps

By: Antonio Gomes Rodrigues, Bruno Demion (Milamber), Philippe Mouawad

Overview of this book

Load tests help identify the maximum number of requests a software system can handle. One popular open source tool for load testing is JMeter. By leveraging the features and capabilities of JMeter, you can perform extensive load testing and fix issues in your application before they become problematic. This book is written by JMeter developers and begins by discussing the whole process, including recording a script, setting it up, and launching it, enabling you to almost immediately start load testing. You'll learn the best practices that you must follow while designing test cases. You'll also explore the different protocols offered by JMeter through various real-world examples. Finally, you'll see how to integrate JMeter into the DevOps approach and create professional reports. You'll discover ways to use the eco-system of JMeter to integrate new protocols, enrich its monitoring, and leverage its power through the use of the cloud. By the end of this book, you'll know all that's needed to perform comprehensive load testing on your applications by using all the best practices and features of JMeter.
Table of Contents (14 chapters)

About the Authors

Antonio Gomes Rodrigues

Antonio Gomes Rodrigues is an expert in the field of application performance for more than 10 years.

His missions led him to work:

  • On the performance of high traffic websites
  • On the performance of an application for brokers
  • On the performance of rich clients, cloud applications, WEB applications, and so on
  • With various profilers: JProfiler, Yourkit, PerfView, and so on
  • With various APM: Dynatrace, AppDynamics, Introscope, NewRelic, and so on
  • With various load testing tools: JMeter, LoadRunner, and so on
  • In various missions: load tests, implementation of performance strategies, training, performance audits, troubleshooting, and so on

He shares his knowledge of application performance at conferences, on his blog ( and during technical book reviews.

He is currently a committer and a PMC member of the JMeter project ( within the Apache Software Foundation (

Bruno Demion (Milamber)

Bruno Demion, better known in the JMeter community under the pseudonym Milamber is a French computer scientist living in Morocco since 2002, currently living in Temara (near Rabat).

He works in a technology consulting company, as a partner, architect and senior technical expert on web and cloud technologies.

Thanks to his work and passion, IT, Milamber has strong skills in the field of performance, troubleshooting, IT security as well as technical architectures for web and cloud solutions.

Since December 2003, he has been working with JMeter to perform load tests in various performance missions and also gives training on this topic. He contributes as much as possible to the JMeter project on his free time, especially on the French translation of the graphical interface, bug fixes and some changes (proxy https, new results tree, icon bar, and so on).

He is currently a committer and a PMC member of the JMeter project ( within the Apache Software Foundation ( He is also an official ASF member ( His Apache ID is milamber (

Milamber also has a personal blog ( with many articles and tutorials about JMeter, some of which inspired this book.

Philippe Mouawad

Philippe Mouawad is a technical expert and architect in JEE and Web environments within the company Ubik-Ingenierie. He has been using JMeter since 2009 as part of performance improvements missions, load testing of intranet or e-commerce websites and training on JMeter.

He has been contributing to JMeter since 2009, first through patches and then as a committer and member of Project Management Committee at Apache. Among his main contributions are the CSS selector Extractor, the Boundary Extractor, the Backend Listener (allowing to interface among others Graphite, InfluxDB or ElasticSearch), part of the Web reporting feature and the optimization of the performances of the core and its stabilization and various ergonomic improvements, to his credit more than 400 bugs/improvements.

He also contributes to the JMeter-Plugins ( project, among his contributions are Redis DataSet, Graphs Generator Listener and various patches to different plugins.

He also manages the JMeter Maven Plugin ( project, he has been managing it since version 2.3.0 ensuring its compatibility with last JMeter releases and improving its dependencies management and reporting mechanism.

He is currently a committer and a PMC member of the JMeter project ( within the Apache Software Foundation ( His Apache ID is pmouawad (

He is also a lead developer of the Ubik Load Pack ( solution, a set of Enterprise Plugins which provides support for protocols that are not natively supported by JMeter. Finally, he contributes to the Ubik-Ingenierie blog (