The DWR Community

DWR has very active mailing lists available for DWR users:

These mailing lists have lots of information, which would be helpful to any DWR user, and any one can participate in them.

There is a mailing list available for DWR security, where DWR security issues are discussed. In order to participate, application to list must be made separately and it must include corporate email addresses and titles or other means of identification. Separate applications are made so that DWR security issues can be discussed without public dessemination (it is not intended to keep security issues a secret). Application to join security mailing list can be done from

DWR development mailing list are as follows:

he blog of DWR creator Joe Walker ( includes news about DWR and thoughts about web development.

Commercial support is also available from SitePen ( There are several support packages available, and there are also possibilities to customize support packages to specific needs.

DWR is used by thousands of developers, and it has been used by companies such as American Airlines, Walmart, Citigroup, Mastercard, and many others. DWR is used both in public sites and Intranet sites.

DWR is also part of the Dojo Foundation, which is an independent legal entity that provides infrastructure for development. The members include IBM and SitePen. In addition to DWR, Dojo Foundation also sponsors Dojo Toolkit, OpenRecord, and Cometd projects. The following website has more information about the Dojo Foundation: