Chapter 2. DWR Features

This chapter describes some main features of DWR: Reverse AJAX, security, DWR JavaScript libraries, and DWR's integration with other projects.

Reverse AJAX is basically a method to call client-side JavaScript from server-side Java classes. The security section discusses what has been done in DWR in order to prevent unwanted access to the server by exploiting DWR features.

DWR includes a couple of useful JavaScript libraries that are explained here together with how to use DWR with other projects, such as Struts or JSF.

This chapter covers the following sections:

  • Ease of Use—A high-level view of how DWR makes a developer's life easier

  • Reverse AJAX—Describes what Reverse AJAX means

  • DWR JavaScript Libraries—Describes the JavaScript libraries that come with DWR: engine.js, util.js, and gi.js

  • Converters—Presents how DWR marshals/unmarshals objects

  • Creators, Filters, and Signatures—Introduces important DWR configuration elements

  • Integration with Other Projects—Briefly describes...