Setting up a Development Environment

development environment that we use in this book is:

  1. 1. Java SE 1.5.x

  2. 2. DWR 2.0.2

  3. 3. Eclipse IDE

  4. 4. Apache Geronimo 2.x J2EE application server

  5. 5. Firefox browser 2.0.0.x

Development Environment with DWR and Firefox

A development environment for a DWR book is nothing without DWR itself. DWR comes as a JAR file that we add to our web application later. The dwr.jar JAR file is less than 500KB in size and it is available at the DWR website,

The Firefox download site is

Development Environment with Eclipse

The Eclipse IDE that we use is the recent Eclipse Ganymede release. Eclipse IDE comes in many packages and the one that we use here is Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers. This package includes tools for developing JEE and web applications, and it has all the prerequisites of the Geronimo Eclipse Plugin that we install here.

The easiest way to install the Geronimo Eclipse Plugin is to let Eclipse...