Packaging and Deployment

In this section, we package and deploy a simple web application to the standalone Geronimo application server. The Geronimo console and command-line tools are used here to deploy the application, but in the further chapters, we use the Geronimo test environment within the Eclipse IDE.

  • This simple HelloWorldServlet has been created as a sample for packaging and deployment.

    Packaging is easy because of built-in Eclipse tools.

  • We select the project name and right-click to get the context menu; under the Export menu item, we find the WAR option.

  • After we click the WAR option, a WAR Export dialog opens where we choose the Destination and a name for the WAR file: d:\temp\HelloWorldServlet.war.

  • For the deployment, we have installed a standalone Geronimo application server. Run Geronimo using the startup script file (and remember to set the JAVA_HOME environment variable). The following screenshot displays typical output when starting the Geronimo server using the startup...