Implementing Tables and Lists

The first actual sample is very common in applications: tables and lists. In this sample, the table is populated using the DWR utility functions, and a remoted Java class. The sample code also shows how DWR is used to do inline table editing. When a table cell is double-clicked, an edit box opens, and it is used to save new cell data.

The sample will have country data in a CSV file: country Name, Long Name, two-letter Code, Capital, and user-defined Notes. The user interface for the table sample appears as shown in the following screenshot:

Server Code for Tables and Lists

The first thing to do is to get the country data. Country data is in a CSV file (named countries.csv and located in the samples Java package). The following is an excerpt of the content of the CSV file (data is from

Short-form name,Long-form name,FIPS Code,Capital
Afghanistan,Islamic Republic of Afghanistan,AF,Kabul
Albania,Republic of Albania,AL,Tirana