Chapter 5. User Interface: Advanced Elements

This chapter has three samples: forms, navigation tree, and map scrolling. Forms are found in almost all the web applications, and the sample shows how to do form validation and processing using DWR. The navigation tree includes a simple navigation tree that has a Java bean for holding menu elements that are accessed via DWR. The last sample in this chapter is a map scrolling sample that shows how to achieve zooming and scrolling of a map using Java, JavaScript, and DWR.

The following are the sections discussed in this chapter:

  • Creating Forms—includes examples of form processing

  • Building a Navigation Tree—shows one way of using DWR in the navigation tree implementation

  • Map Scrolling Using DWR—shows the DWR functionality in a web page map (from the planet Mars in this sample)

Creating Forms

This sample is about forms, form validation, and submission of a form. For this sample, the form we will handle is very simple, just a few fields, and the point of...