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Object-Oriented JavaScript

By : Stoyan Stefanov, Stoyan STEFANOV
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Object-Oriented JavaScript

By: Stoyan Stefanov, Stoyan STEFANOV

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Object-Oriented JavaScript
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In this chapter, you learned a lot about the basic building blocks of a JavaScript program. Now you know the primitive data types:

  • number

  • string

  • boolean

  • undefined

  • null

You also know quite a few operators:

  • Arithmetic operators: +, -, *, /, and %.

  • Increment operators: ++ and --.

  • Assignment operators: =, +=, -=, *=, /=, and %=.

  • Special operators: typeof and delete.

  • Logical operators: &&, ||, and !.

  • Comparison operators: ==, ===, !=, !==, <, >, >=, and <=.

Then you learned how to use arrays to store and access data, and finally you saw different ways to control the flow of your program—using conditions (if-else or switch) and loops (while, do-while, for, for-in).

This is quite a bit of information and it is recommended that you now go through the exercises below, then give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back before diving into the next chapter. More fun is coming up!