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Object-Oriented Programming in ColdFusion

By : Matthew Gifford
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Object-Oriented Programming in ColdFusion

By: Matthew Gifford

Overview of this book

Are you tired of procedural programming or is your extensive code base starting to become un-manageable? Breathe some new life into your code and improve your development skills with the basic concepts of object-oriented programming. Utilize objects, modular components, and design patterns to expand your skills and improve your ColdFusion applications. Packed with example code, and written in a friendly, easy-to-read style, this book is just what you need if you are serious about ColdFusion.This book is a fast-paced tutorial to important ColdFusion object-oriented programming topics. It will give you clear, concise, and practical guidance to take you from the basics of ColdFusion to the skills that will make you a ColdFusion developer to be reckoned with. Don't be put off by jargon or complex diagrams; read and see how you can benefit from this book and extend your development skills in the process.Using the practical examples within this guide, you will learn how to structure your applications and code, applying the fundamental basics of object-oriented programming to develop modular, reusable components that will scale easily with your application. You will learn the basic fundamental practices of object-oriented programming, from object creation and re-use, to Bean objects, service layers, Data Access objects, and sample design patterns to gain a better understanding of OOP using examples that can be altered and applied in your application. Complete with detailed code samples and snippets, and written in a friendly easy-to-follow style, you will be able to break free from writing purely procedural code and enhance your applications by building structured applications utilizing basic design patterns and object-oriented principles.
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Object-Oriented Programming in ColdFusion
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Getting information about your CFC

ColdFusion components have the unique ability to look within themselves and display information regarding their content. It can display all of the methods contained within the component, all of the properties within the functions, including parameters and arguments, and what, if any, information is to be returned. This is commonly referred to as introspection.


Introspection provides a valuable tool for gaining a comprehensive snapshot of your code.

This is particularly useful when working in a larger team environment and sharing code that may have been written by another developer, or perhaps in those rare moments when you forget what functions you have written in a CFC within your extensive component library.

CFC Explorer

One method to obtain information about the CFC contents is to view the component directly in your web browser. ColdFusion has a built-in CFC Explorer tool that is able to read a ColdFusion component and display its data directly...