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SAP Business ONE Implementation

By : Wolfgang Niefert
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SAP Business ONE Implementation

By: Wolfgang Niefert

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SAP Business ONE brings the power of the SAP ERP platform to small and mid-size companies. It offers fast-growing companies the same ERP capabilities used in world-wide conglomerates and major corporations. SAP Business ONE is powerful, and to fully harness it takes careful planning. This book will provide you with a guide to install and implement SAP B1 in your business. It starts with the basic tasks of installing and configuring, but moves at a fast pace and goes on to cover topics such as advanced CRM, e-commerce, and modern Distribution Center configurations for inventory optimization and Warehouse Management. The book is divided into two main sections. The case study starts out in section one with an ad-hoc implementation of a simple Lemonade Stand business. This section is focused on getting SAP B1 up and running quickly. In the second section the Ad-Hoc Implementation is taken to the next level , and we professionally expand this idea and develop a Beverage Distribution Center with outsourced production. This includes advanced inventory optimization. The workflow is optimized using existing functionality and also using Add-Ons to expand the standard functionality and transform the generic SAP Business ONE business engine into an Industry Solution. The book is full of examples with detailed step-by-step explanations. We will be implementing a complete SAP Business System including add-ons as part of a case study. Finally we connect SAP to the Web and introduce a solution that presents SAP features in a web interface with real-time integration. The book is completed with a chapter focusing on growth. Franchise architecture for SAP Business ONE is introduced and applied to the case study to help you learn how to get started with this. Each chapter has a section that assists you with applying knowledge for your own project. You will have your business set up and ready to go by the time you complete this book.
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SAP Business ONE Implementation
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Chapter 1. Getting Ready to Implement SAP Business ONE

"That stinks!" I said after I picked up the dirty sock. "No," was the reply "it is the smell of victory." You see, it depends on how you look at things. What appeared to be a dirty sock was indeed a valuable sports artifact worth a lot of money.

"What does this have to do with the SAP Business ONE application?", you may ask. Well, SAP Business ONE helps you separate the unnecessary clutter from the success drivers of your business. The solution does this with real-time data for all departments. In case you thought that the sock example is a bit far-fetched, I would like to counter this and explain that there is a theory in quantum physics called the observer effect. It essentially states that an act of observation changes the phenomenon being observed. In our example, only a closer observation revealed the object's true value. The same thing goes for a business. It is only with the right data that you can observe and make decisions that leads your business in a successful direction. I will provide a list of examples where additional information can change your view on things and impact your decisions. I am not talking about the big picture here, but rather a detailed level where you can easily lose sight, though you shouldn't.

Have you noticed that there are managers who can pretty much run any kind of business and make it a success? How do they do it? Is there a specific way that we can follow to run our business? You may say that it takes a great idea. That's true. However, what about timing and operating the business? One thing is for certain, it is not enough to only have a great idea. You must also be able to develop it from the start to the end.

What do successful business owners have in common? Do they all use SAP Business ONE? No, but they are able to establish metrics and measure performance, which allows them to make the right decisions. This is where SAP Business ONE comes into play. It is designed to help you collect the right information and run reports in real-time.

In this book, I will introduce SAP Business ONE and show you how observing your business data in real time can lead to a multitude of subtle changes that will make the difference between failure and success.

At this point, all you need is a business idea, this book, and SAP Business ONE. This book is for any technically savvy entrepreneur with a vision to make his or her business a success. These entrepreneurs understand that technology can be used as an enablement platform for a business venture. In order to make this venture a success, the technology used must be challenged every day.