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JSF 1.2 Components

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JSF 1.2 Components


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Today's web developers need powerful tools to deliver richer, faster, and smoother web experiences. JavaServer Faces includes powerful, feature-rich, Ajax-enabled UI components that provide all the functionality needed to build web applications in a Web 2.0 world. It's the perfect way to build rich, interactive, and "Web 2.0-style" Java web apps. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the most popular JSF components available today and demonstrate step-by-step how to build increasingly sophisticated JSF user interfaces with standard JSF, Facelets, Apache Tomahawk/Trinidad, ICEfaces, JBoss Seam, JBoss RichFaces/Ajax4jsf, and JSF 2.0 components. JSF 1.2 Components is both an excellent starting point for new JSF developers, and a great reference and “how to” guide for experienced JSF professionals. This book progresses logically from an introduction to standard JSF HTML, and JSF Core components to advanced JSF UI development. As you move through the book, you will learn how to build composite views using Facelets tags, implement common web development tasks using Tomahawk components, and add Ajax capabilities to your JSF user interface with ICEfaces components. You will also learn how to solve the complex web application development challenges with the JBoss Seam framework. At the end of the book, you will be introduced to the new and up-coming JSF component libraries that will provide a road map of the future JSF technologies.
Table of Contents (14 chapters)
JSF 1.2 Components
About the Author
About the Reviewers

About the Reviewers

Cagatay Civici is the PMC member of open source JSF implementation Apache MyFaces and the project leader of popular PrimeFaces framework. In addition to being a recognized speaker in international conferences such as JSFSummit, JSFDays and local events, he's an author and technical reviewer of books regarding web application development with Java and JSF. Cagatay is currently working as a consultant and instructor in the UK.

Ted Goddard is the Chief Software Architect at ICEsoft Technologies and is the technical leader for the JavaServer Faces Ajax framework, ICEfaces. Following a PhD in Mathematics from Emory University that answered open problems in complexity theory and infinite colorings for ordered sets, he progressed to post-doctoral research in component and web-based collaborative technologies. He has held positions at Sun Microsystems, AudeSi Technologies, and Wind River Systems, and currently participates in the Servlet and JavaServer Faces expert groups.

Daniel ("Danno") Hinojosa is a self-employed consultant from Albuquerque, New Mexico who specializes in development, teaching, and speaking. Danno has been developing enterprise solutions for commercial and government entities since 1999. His primary consulting focus is the design of well-tested web and desktop applications using Java and Groovy. Danno teaches Java, Groovy, Ajax, Automated Testing, XML, and software testing at the University of New Mexico Continuing Education. He is also a co-founder of the Albuquerque Java Users Group. Danno has reviewed a number of books: Seam In Action, Hibernate Search In Action, and Programming Scala.

Kito D. Mann is editor-in-chief of JSF Central ( and the author of JavaServer Faces in Action (Manning). He is a member of several Java Community Process expert groups (including JSF and Portlets), and Principal Consultant at Virtua, Inc., specializing in enterprise application architecture, training, development, mentoring, and JSF product strategy. Kito has consulted with several Fortune 500 clients, including Prudential Financial and J.P. Morgan Chase & Company, and was recently the chief architect of an educational application service provider. He holds a BA in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University.

Eric Mulligan is a certified Enterprise Java Developer who studied Java programming with Ian Hlavats. He was employed as a Java developer with Ian's company, Tarantula Consulting Inc., for almost a year on various projects including the JSFToolbox for Dreamweaver suite of extensions.

Phil Stang has been in software development for more than 20 years and has been working with Java since Java 1.01 release. He has developed and led software development teams in the financial, aerospace, and telecom sectors, as well as federal policing. He has been teaching Java since 1997. His hobbies include skiing, windsurfing, and flying model aircrafts competitively.

Ghazala Wahid has more than four years of experience as a Software and Reports Developer. She is a Sun Certified Java Programmer as well as a Sun Certified Web Component Developer.

Matthias Wessendorf is a principal software developer at Oracle. He currently works on server-side-push support for ADF Faces and Trinidad 2.0. Matthias also contributes to the OpenSource community, mainly Apache MyFaces and Apache MyFaces Trinidad. Follow Matthias on Twitter (@mwessendorf).