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Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Development with Visual Studio 2010 Expert Cookbook

By : Balaji Kithiganahalli
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Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Development with Visual Studio 2010 Expert Cookbook

By: Balaji Kithiganahalli

Overview of this book

Microsoft SharePoint 2010, is the best-in-class platform for content management and collaboration. With the combined capabilities of Sharepoint and Visual Studio, developers have an end-to-end business solutions development IDE. To leverage this powerful combination of tools it is necessary to understand the different building blocks. This book will provide necessary concepts and present ways to develop complex business solutions and take them further.SharePoint 2010 Development Cookbook With Visual Studio 2010 is an instructional guide for developing and debugging applications for SharePoint 2010 environment using Visual Studio 2010. The cookbook approach helps you to dip into any recipe that interests you, you can also read it from cover to cover if you want to get hands on with the complete application development cycle.With this book you will learn to develop event handlers, workflows, content types, web parts, client object model applications, and web services for SharePoint 2010 in an instructional manner. You will discover the less known facts behind debugging feature receivers, deployment of web parts, utilizing free toolkits to enhance the development and debugging experience. You will learn the newer development approach called Visual Web Parts, how to develop and deploy Silverlight applications that can be used with Silverlight web part. You will also explore SandBoxed deployment model and its usage. You will create your own web services for SharePoint and the Client Object Model introduced in SharePoint 2010. All in all, you will develop Sharepoint solutions in an instructional manner that eases the learning process.
Table of Contents (15 chapters)
Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Development with Visual Studio 2010: Expert Cookbook
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Creating an external content type

External content types are defined as reusable objects with metadata descriptions of connectivity information to external systems and data definitions. They could also contain the behaviors you want to apply to the external data. They are similar to the content types that we have dealt so far. The difference is that we will be managing the external data in external content types. The external data can be from relational databases like SQL server or Oracle or data coming from some web service.

For our recipe, we will use a SQL server table and create a content type based on the table data. We will use the HumanResources.Department table in the AdventureWorks database. We will create a GetDepartments method that will retrieve the list of all departments and a GetDepartment method that retrieves the single department object.

We will use LINQ to SQL to access relational data as objects. You do not have to use LINQ to SQL for data access in external content types...