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Oracle ADF Faces Cookbook

By : Amr Gawish, Amr Ismail Gawish
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Oracle ADF Faces Cookbook

By: Amr Gawish, Amr Ismail Gawish

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Oracle ADF Faces Cookbook
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Presenting master-details records using ADF List with a group header

The previous master-details recipe that has a great UI look and feel is the list view component with group header enabled; this will allow you to have a master-details relationship inside the list view component.

In this recipe, you will represent the same relationship between the manager and his/her employees as a list view with group header.

You can continue from the previous recipe, or you can grab this project's recipe by cloning the presentingMasterDetailList application from the Git repository.

How to do it...

The steps for presenting master-details records using the ADF list with a group header are as follows:

  1. Create a task flow and a view JSF page fragment with the following properties:

    1. Task Flow name: master-details-employees-list.

    2. Create with Page Fragments: Checked.

    3. View name: mdEmployeesList.

    4. Page Fragment Directory: public_html\fragments.

    5. Page Fragment Layout: Create Blank Page.

  2. Navigate to Data Control | HrAppModuleDataControl...