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ReSharper Essentials
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ReSharper comes with many ways of extending its functionality, from simply adding new templates to creating advanced plugins.

JetBrains provides many tools that make it easier to create plugins for ReSharper—SDK, samples, and the Internal mode are very powerful and useful tools.

Creating plugins for a big tool such as ReSharper is a very vast topic and can be described in detail in a separate book. This means that it is not possible to give you all the information in one chapter. The purpose of this chapter was to show you the basic concepts related to creating the ReSharper plugin and start thinking about your amazing plugins.

If you would like to learn more about how to write ReSharper plugins, you can visit the ReSharper Plugin Development page at and review the plugins provided with SDK samples. Also, there are a couple of open source plugins that you can find at or http://www.codeplex...

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