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ReSharper Essentials

By : Lukasz Gasior
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ReSharper Essentials

By: Lukasz Gasior

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ReSharper Essentials
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Finding what you need quickly

In Chapter 3, Finding What You Need Quickly, we have presented you with features that help you find things in a quicker manner. The following table contains shortcuts related to these features:



Ctrl + Shift + T

Go to file

Ctrl + T, T

Go to the type

Ctrl + ,

Recent files

Shift + Alt + L

Select file in Solution Explorer

Ctrl + Shift + any number from the keypad

Create a bookmark

Ctrl + same number used to create bookmark

Go to the bookmark

Ctrl + `

List of all bookmarks

Ctrl + Shift + Backspace

Go to the last edited location

Ctrl + T

Go to everything


Go to declaration

Shift + F12

Find usages

Alt + `

Navigate to…

Alt + \

File members

Ctrl + Alt + F

File Structure window

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + A

Value origin and destination