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ReSharper Essentials

By : Lukasz Gasior
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ReSharper Essentials

By: Lukasz Gasior

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ReSharper Essentials
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About the Reviewers

Maciej Aniserowicz is a software developer from Poland. His main focus is Microsoft .NET. He's been implementing web and service applications for almost 10 years now. During this time, he tried to not only constantly improve his skills, but also find pleasure and joy in his everyday work by experimenting with "alternative" tools and frameworks and avoiding productivity and "fun-killers" such as TFS and SharePoint.

His main interests as a software developer in general are test-driven development and the Git source control system.

Maciej blogs about software development and a developer's life in general. His blog (written in Polish) can be found at You can also find him on Twitter (@maniserowicz).

He is trying to gain experience as a speaker by visiting Polish user groups and conferences. His other goal is to deliver quality internal training to companies that are willing to learn how to use Git (and source control in general) and test-driven development properly.

He's been a Microsoft MVP (Visual C# category) since 2008.

Maciej lives his everyday life with a beautiful wife, a lovely daughter, and a stupid cat. He enjoys listening to metal music while coding.

Piotr Owsiak is a web developer with nearly 10 years of experience in .NET. He spends most of his time working in C# and ASP.NET, focusing on craftsmanship and good practices.

Piotr first started using Resharper Version 3, and he got hooked on it immediately and became a strong advocate of Resharper and other JetBrains tools.

Apart from .NET, he also likes to keep up with the interesting things that go on outside the .NET community. He likes playing with more dynamic languages such as JavaScript and Python.

Lately, he's been working as a contractor for financial institutions.

Jacek Spólnik is a software engineer with over five years of commercial experience. In the past, he has created the .NET Object Database, NDatabase. He has also created software solutions for big companies such as GM, Loreal, and Lockheed Martin. He now heads the software engineering team that works for a top tier investment bank. He is focused on learning new things and actively spending time with his son and daughter.