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Transformational Security Awareness

By : Perry Carpenter
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Transformational Security Awareness

By: Perry Carpenter

Overview of this book

When all other processes, controls, and technologies fail, humans are your last line of defense. But, how can you prepare them? Transformational Security Awareness empowers security leaders with the information and resources they need to assemble and deliver effective world-class security awareness programs that drive secure behaviors and culture change. If your organization is stuck in a security awareness rut and is using the same ineffective strategies, materials, and information that might check a compliance box but still leaves your organization wide open to phishing, social engineering, and security-related employee mistakes, then you need this book. Author Perry Carpenter weaves together insights and best practices from experts in communication, persuasion, psychology, behavioral economics, organizational culture management, employee engagement, and storytelling to create a multidisciplinary masterpiece that transcends traditional security education and sets you on the path to make a lasting impact in your organization.
Table of Contents (9 chapters)

Voices of Transformation: Interviews with Security Awareness Program Leaders

Never look back unless you are planning on going that way.

Henry David Thoreau

When I first mentioned this book project on LinkedIn, I had several people send in quotes about the importance of security awareness. Let's read what a few have to say.

Security awareness is about putting threat and risk information into terms that everyone can understand. Most people want to be a part of the solution but get frustrated when they don't know or understand what to do.

Chris Wright, Owner, Citadel Systems

As threats against companies and their employees continue to grow year over year, so do the needs for awareness, communications, and education as a deterrent and extra level of security. Investing in people, and not thinking of them as the weakest link but the first line of defense, can be a better preventative measure than some of the most innovative technology that is available. And as advancements...