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Instant CloudFlare Starter

By : Jeffrey Dickey
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Instant CloudFlare Starter

By: Jeffrey Dickey

Overview of this book

Ensuring your website is up, fast, and secure is a difficult yet crucial task. Learning how to protect and safeguard your web presence from malicious attackers whilst also making sure that it is optimized is important for any website administrator. CloudFlare helps you augment your website with additional security, as well as provide the extra bit of speed that will set you apart from the competition."Instant CloudFlare Starter" will show you how to leverage the power of the cloud to ensure that your website is running at its very best. It will also tell you exactly what CloudFlare is doing when you enable various features, and guide you through the entire setup and configuration process.After learning about what CloudFlare actually is, you'll be shown how to fully optimize and secure your own website - using the latest that CloudFlare has to offer.As well as ensuring that your own site is protected with CloudFlare, you'll learn exactly how it actually secures your website from malicious attackers. This is in addition to making sure that you can send and receive emails effectively from your own domain, as well as learning how CloudFlare can enable your site’s static assets to load quickly, with little effort on your part.You'll be guided through the whole optimization process - with additional tips and guidance that help you avoid common mistakes and pitfalls, alongside coverage of optional modules that can additionally improve the speed of your website, add analytics, or even entirely new functionality.With detailed explanations of things to look out for and how CloudFlare can solve your problems on your website, "CloudFlare Starter" will ultimately show you how to optimize and secure your website effectively with minimum hassle.
Table of Contents (7 chapters)

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Eric Glasser graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Engineering Science after three years as a junior. Within Engineering Science, Eric focused on technology and systems development. During his last two years at Vanderbilt, Eric started a company called Virtual Newsroom, based around building a process and content management system for newspapers called Virtual Newsroom. After releasing Virtual Newsroom as an open source project Eric started a web development and consulting company working with small and medium-sized businesses. For the last year Eric has operated his web development business managing both local and outsourced teams of developers. Eric also worked with an angel investor at their startup company "" as a technology specialist in New York. Eric has experienced working a wide variety of companies, and the challenges of both starting and operating a business.

Ayesh Karunaratne is a freelance PHP/Drupal web developer from Kandy, Sri Lanka. He is currently following a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from University of Colombo.

He has more than four years of experience in PHP, and he has been involved in many PHP related websites as a backend developer, performance analyst, security reviewer, and architectural designer. He has taken part in one of the most appreciated e-government solutions in the United States. He is also the leader of Drupal Sinhalese translation team to bring Drupal to native Sinhala-speaking people in Sri Lanka.

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