Appendix A. Installing Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a Linux-based operating system that acts as a platform to support several hundred different applications used to audit the security of a network. Its complexity is matched by the diversity of methods to install and use it during testing. This chapter will cover some of the considerations to be made when installing Kali, and will focus on how to get a secure virtual machine up and running as quickly as possible. It will also examine how to set up and maintain an inexpensive site to test the material covered in this book.

Downloading Kali Linux

There are multiple options for downloading and installing Kali Linux. At the time of this publication, the most recent Version is release 1.06; however, Version 1.07 is due for imminent release. The current version is available from the official website ( in 32- and 64-bit compilations.

Offensive Security has made the preconfigured version of Advanced RISC Machines (ARM...