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Learning Android Forensics

By : Rohit Tamma, Donnie Tindall
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Learning Android Forensics

By: Rohit Tamma, Donnie Tindall

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Learning Android Forensics
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Skype analysis

Skype is a voice-/video-calling app, as well as a messaging app owned by Microsoft. It has over 100,000,000 installs on Google Play.

Package name:


Files of interest:

  • /cache/skype-4228/DbTemp

  • /sdcard/Android/data/

  • /files/

    • shared.xml

    • <username>/thumbnails/

    • <username>/main.db

    • <username>/chatsync

The /cache/skype-4228/DbTemp directory contained multiple files with no extension. One of these files (temp-5cu4tRPdDuQ3ckPQG7wQRFgU on our device) was actually a SQLite database that contained the SSID and Media Access Control (MAC) of the wireless access points it had been connected to.

The SD card path will contain any images or files received in a chat. If a file is downloaded, it would be in the Downloads folder in the root of the SD.

The shared.xml file listed the account's username as well as the last IP address that connected to Skype:

The <username>/thumbnails directory contained the user's...