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Learning Network Forensics

By : Samir Datt
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Learning Network Forensics

By: Samir Datt

Overview of this book

We live in a highly networked world. Every digital device—phone, tablet, or computer is connected to each other, in one way or another. In this new age of connected networks, there is network crime. Network forensics is the brave new frontier of digital investigation and information security professionals to extend their abilities to catch miscreants on the network. The book starts with an introduction to the world of network forensics and investigations. You will begin by getting an understanding of how to gather both physical and virtual evidence, intercepting and analyzing network data, wireless data packets, investigating intrusions, and so on. You will further explore the technology, tools, and investigating methods using malware forensics, network tunneling, and behaviors. By the end of the book, you will gain a complete understanding of how to successfully close a case.
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Learning Network Forensics
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Performing malware forensics

Now that we have the fundamentals in place, it is important to understand that malware forensics is different from malware analysis. Malware analysis involves capturing a sample of the malware and performing a static or dynamic analysis on it. Here, the compiled and obfuscated code is reversed in order to try and determine what the malware was programmed to do.

Malware forensics, on other hand, attempts to locate and examine the forensic artifacts that exist on system media, RAM, and network to help answer whether the system was compromised, how was it done, what was the infection vector, which particular malware was involved, what data is exfiltrated, and so on.

In the previous section, we looked at the IOC and how they help in identifying whether a system or network has been compromised. While this helps in cases where the compromise has been caused by known malware; for zero day or yet unknown malware or its variants, a malware forensic investigation needs to...