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Kali Linux CTF Blueprints

By : Cameron Buchanan
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Kali Linux CTF Blueprints

By: Cameron Buchanan

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Kali Linux CTF Blueprints
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Crypto jargon

In this chapter, I will be using information security industry terms to refer to things. It's probably best I gave a quick explanation as follows:

  • Encoding is taking input and outputting it in another form. The process is entirely reversible.

  • Encryption is taking input and making it entirely unreadable. Without extra information, even the knowledge of an encryption algorithm is useless.

  • Hashing is taking input and creating a fixed, non-reversible value for the purposes of comparison. The idea is that if a database is compromised, only the hashed values are lost.

  • A substitution cipher is a primitive form of encoding that replaces characters with fixed values. This can be through a variety of methods, the most of common of which is a straight substitution where symbols or characters are used in lieu of standard western letters.

  • A transposition cipher is another primitive form of encoding where characters are shifted through the alphabet to take on different characters. For example...