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Learning Puppet Security

By : Jason M Slagle, Jason Slagle
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Learning Puppet Security

By: Jason M Slagle, Jason Slagle

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Learning Puppet Security
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Introducing SELinux and auditd

During the course of this chapter, we'll explore the SELinux framework for Linux and see how to automate it using Puppet. As part of the process, we'll also review auditd, the logging and auditing framework for Linux. Using Puppet, we can automate the configuration of these often-neglected security tools, and even move the configuration of these tools for various services to the modules that configure those services.

The SELinux framework

SELinux is a security system for Linux originally developed by the United States National Security Agency (NSA). It is an in-kernel protection mechanism designed to provide Mandatory Access Controls (MACs) to the Linux kernel.

SELinux isn't the only MAC framework for Linux. AppArmor is an alternative MAC framework included in the Linux kernel since Version 2.6.30. We choose to implement SELinux; since it is the default framework used under Red Hat Linux, which we're using for our examples.


More information on AppArmor can...