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Learning Puppet Security

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Learning Puppet Security

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Learning Puppet Security
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Configuring auditd with community modules

Auditd has many less available community modules. This is likely due to its very simple nature—configuring can be done with a simple file module and a couple of packages in most cases. Nonetheless, let's take a look at a community module that will manage your configuration for you. It even provides a decent base ruleset and contains very powerful customization options.

We'll be looking at the evenup/auditd module here. As mentioned previously, it has most of the auditd options exposed and provides a decent default ruleset with the option to override. We'll start by installing it:

sudo puppet module install evenup-auditd

The module contains a single entry point, the main auditd class that accepts four parameters. They are as follows:




The module supports using Beaver to process auditd log files (Beaver is a log shipper for Logstash). It can be beaver or null.


This is the path to the rules file – defaults...