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Python Penetration Testing Essentials

By : Mohit Raj
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Python Penetration Testing Essentials

By: Mohit Raj

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Python Penetration Testing Essentials
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Learning about packet crafting

This is a technique by which a hacker or pentester can create customized packets. By using a customized packet, a hacker can perform many tasks such as probing firewall rule sets, port scan, and the behavior of the operating system. Lots of tools are available for packet crafting, such as Hping, Colasoft packet builder, and so on. Packet crafting is a skill. You can perform it with no tools as you have Python.

First, we create Ethernet packets and then send them to the victim. Let's take a look at the entire code of and then understand it line by line:

import socket
s = socket.socket(socket.PF_PACKET, socket.SOCK_RAW, socket.ntohs(0x0800))
sor = '\x00\x0c\x29\x4f\x8e\x35'
des ='\x00\x0C\x29x2E\x84\x7A'
code ='\x08\x00'
eth = des+sor+code

The s = socket.socket(socket.PF_PACKET, socket.SOCK_RAW, socket.ntohs(0x0800)) has already been seen by you in the packet sniffer. Now, decide on the network interface....