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Python for Secret Agents - Volume II - Second Edition

By : Steven F. Lott, Steven F. Lott
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Python for Secret Agents - Volume II - Second Edition

By: Steven F. Lott, Steven F. Lott

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Python is easy to learn and extensible programming language that allows any manner of secret agent to work with a variety of data. Agents from beginners to seasoned veterans will benefit from Python's simplicity and sophistication. The standard library provides numerous packages that move beyond simple beginner missions. The Python ecosystem of related packages and libraries supports deep information processing. This book will guide you through the process of upgrading your Python-based toolset for intelligence gathering, analysis, and communication. You'll explore the ways Python is used to analyze web logs to discover the trails of activities that can be found in web and database servers. We'll also look at how we can use Python to discover details of the social network by looking at the data available from social networking websites. Finally, you'll see how to extract history from PDF files, which opens up new sources of data, and you’ll learn about the ways you can gather data using an Arduino-based sensor device.
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Python for Secret Agents Volume II
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Deep Under Cover – NLTK and language analysis

As we study Twitter more and more, we see that they've made an effort to expose numerous details of the social network. They've parsed the Tweet to extract hashtags and user mentions, they've carefully organized the media. This makes a great deal of analysis quite simple.

On the other hand, some parts of the analysis are still quite difficult. The actual topic of a Twitter conversion is just a string of characters. It's essentially opaque until a person reads the characters to understand the words and the meaning behind the words.

Understanding natural-language text is a difficult problem. We often assign it to human analysts. If we can dump the related tweets into a single easy-to-read document, then a person can scan it, summarize, and decide if this is actionable intelligence or just background noise.

One of the truly great counter-intelligence missions is Operation Mincemeat. There are many books that describe this operation. What's import about...