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Penetration Testing Bootcamp

By : Jason Beltrame
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Penetration Testing Bootcamp

By: Jason Beltrame

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Penetration Testing Bootcamp delivers practical, learning modules in manageable chunks. Each chapter is delivered in a day, and each day builds your competency in Penetration Testing. This book will begin by taking you through the basics and show you how to set up and maintain the C&C Server. You will also understand how to scan for vulnerabilities and Metasploit, learn how to setup connectivity to a C&C server and maintain that connectivity for your intelligence gathering as well as offsite processing. Using TCPDump filters, you will gain understanding of the sniffing and spoofing traffic. This book will also teach you the importance of clearing up the tracks you leave behind after the penetration test and will show you how to build a report from all the data obtained from the penetration test. In totality, this book will equip you with instructions through rigorous tasks, practical callouts, and assignments to reinforce your understanding of penetration testing.
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Using Netdiscover to find undocumented IPs

Netdiscover is a great tool for finding potential IP addresses on the network for further examination. It accomplishes this by sending out ARP messages for the given network you specify. By running this tool, you can discover any live hosts on any type of network, wired or wireless. It also attempts to discover the vendor by the MAC address, which can be very helpful in finding vulnerabilities to exploit.

Next is a screenshot with netdiscover tool running in my lab:

This is a tcpdump command of ARP requests that are being sent out by the netdiscover tool to discover these live IP addresses:

The tcpdump shows how netdiscover does an ARP request for all the hosts in the network range and in this case Based on the replies, you can see what is alive currently on the network.