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Mastering Linux Security and Hardening

By : Donald A. Tevault
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Mastering Linux Security and Hardening

By: Donald A. Tevault

Overview of this book

This book has extensive coverage of techniques that will help prevent attackers from breaching your system, by building a much more secure Linux environment. You will learn various security techniques such as SSH hardening, network service detection, setting up firewalls, encrypting file systems, protecting user accounts, authentication processes, and so on. Moving forward, you will also develop hands-on skills with advanced Linux permissions, access control, special modes, and more. Lastly, this book will also cover best practices and troubleshooting techniques to get your work done efficiently. By the end of this book, you will be confident in delivering a system that will be much harder to compromise.
Table of Contents (15 chapters)
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nftables – a more universal type of firewall system

Let's now turn our attention to nftables, the new kid on the block. So, what does nftables bring to the table? (Yes, the pun was intended.):

  • You can now forget about needing separate daemons and utilities for all of the different networking components. The functionality of iptables, ip6tables, ebtables, and arptables is now all combined in one neat package. The nft utility is now the only firewall utility that you'll need.
  • With nftables, you can create multidimensional trees to display your rulesets. This makes troubleshooting vastly easier, because it's now easier to trace a packet all the way through all of the rules.
  • With iptables, you have the filter, NAT, mangle, and security tables installed by default, whether or not you use each one. With nftables, you only create the tables that you intend to use, resulting in enhanced performance.
  • Unlike iptables, you can specify multiple actions in one rule, instead of having to create multiple rules...