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Mastering Linux Security and Hardening

By : Donald A. Tevault
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Mastering Linux Security and Hardening

By: Donald A. Tevault

Overview of this book

This book has extensive coverage of techniques that will help prevent attackers from breaching your system, by building a much more secure Linux environment. You will learn various security techniques such as SSH hardening, network service detection, setting up firewalls, encrypting file systems, protecting user accounts, authentication processes, and so on. Moving forward, you will also develop hands-on skills with advanced Linux permissions, access control, special modes, and more. Lastly, this book will also cover best practices and troubleshooting techniques to get your work done efficiently. By the end of this book, you will be confident in delivering a system that will be much harder to compromise.
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Using VeraCrypt for cross-platform sharing of encrypted containers

Once upon a time, there was TrueCrypt, a cross-platform program that allowed the sharing of encrypted containers across different operating systems. But the project was always shrouded in mystery, because its developers would never reveal their identities. And then, right out of the blue, the developers released a cryptic message about how TrueCrypt was no longer secure, and shut down the project.

VeraCrypt is the successor to TrueCrypt, and it allows the sharing of encrypted containers across Linux, Windows, MacOS, and FreeBSD machines. Although LUKS and eCryptfs are good, VeraCrypt does offer more flexibility in certain ways:

  • As mentioned, VeraCrypt offers cross-platform sharing, whereas LUKS and eCryptfs don't
  • VeraCrypt allows you to encrypt either whole partitions or whole storage devices, or to create virtual encrypted disks
  • Not only can you create encrypted volumes with VeraCrypt, you can also hide them, giving you plausible...