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Hands-On Cybersecurity for Finance

By : Dr. Erdal Ozkaya, Milad Aslaner
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Hands-On Cybersecurity for Finance

By: Dr. Erdal Ozkaya, Milad Aslaner

Overview of this book

Organizations have always been a target of cybercrime. Hands-On Cybersecurity for Finance teaches you how to successfully defend your system against common cyber threats, making sure your financial services are a step ahead in terms of security. The book begins by providing an overall description of cybersecurity, guiding you through some of the most important services and technologies currently at risk from cyber threats. Once you have familiarized yourself with the topic, you will explore specific technologies and threats based on case studies and real-life scenarios. As you progress through the chapters, you will discover vulnerabilities and bugs (including the human risk factor), gaining an expert-level view of the most recent threats. You'll then explore information on how you can achieve data and infrastructure protection. In the concluding chapters, you will cover recent and significant updates to procedures and configurations, accompanied by important details related to cybersecurity research and development in IT-based financial services. By the end of the book, you will have gained a basic understanding of the future of information security and will be able to protect financial services and their related infrastructures.
Table of Contents (20 chapters)

Introduction to Cybersecurity and the Economy

The relationship between cybersecurity and the economy has only been growing stronger, with cyber attacks on the rise. Cyber attacks have brought a new recognition of the importance of cybersecurity efforts. Attacks have now become widespread, common, and expected in some firms. New attacks are emerging within weeks due to an underground economy that has seen specialists create built-to-sell malware to a waiting list of cyber criminals. The impacts of cyber attacks have been felt and there are reports that these attacks are only going to get worse. The current and forecasted impacts are a devastation to the global economy. Here, we will introduce cybersecurity and link it to cyber attacks and the global economy. In this chapter, we will cover the following topics:

  • What is cybersecurity?
  • The scope of cybersecurity
  • Terminology related to the cybersecurity world
  • General description of hacking groups, cyber criminals, and cyber espionage
  • Importance of cybersecurity and its impacts on the global economy
  • Financial repercussion of reputational damage caused by cyber attacks
  • Digital economy and related threats