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CompTIA A+ Practice Test Core 1 (220-1101)

By : Ian Neil, Mark Birch
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CompTIA A+ Practice Test Core 1 (220-1101)

By: Ian Neil, Mark Birch

Overview of this book

CompTIA A+ certification is a trusted credential that’s highly sought after by professionals looking to prove their mettle in today’s digital world. This book will provide you with exam-oriented practice material mirroring the A+ exam’s level of difficulty to prepare you for every challenge that the exam might throw at you. This book is a compilation of hundreds of carefully curated practice questions on each domain, including mobile devices, networking, hardware, virtualization and cloud computing, as well as hardware and network troubleshooting. The realistic tests are designed in a way to help you accelerate your preparation to achieve the industry-celebrated A+ certification. By the end of this practice book, you’ll be well-prepared to pass the CompTIA A+ Core 1 (220-1101) exam with confidence.
Table of Contents (11 chapters)

Mock Exam

The official CompTIA A+ Core 1 (220-1101) certification exam gives you 90 minutes to complete the test. Hence, it is advisable to set a timer before starting this mock exam to have a good assessment of your preparation level.

  1. Which of the following is true about the M.2 form factor?
    1. M.2 supports only the SATA interface
    2. M.2 is exclusively used for graphics cards
    3. M.2 allows faster data transfer rates compared to traditional hard drives
    4. M.2 cannot be used as a boot device
  2. What is a characteristic of RAID 5?
    1. Requires a minimum of three drives
    2. Provides the highest level of fault tolerance
    3. Offers increased read performance compared to RAID 0
    4. Requires dedicated parity drives
  3. Which of the following flash memory card formats is commonly used in digital cameras?
    1. CompactFlash (CF)
    2. Secure Digital (SD)
    3. Memory Stick (MS)
    4. eXtreme Digital (xD)
  4. Which of the following statements about ATX motherboards is true?
    1. ATX motherboards are exclusively designed for Intel processors
    2. ATX motherboards...