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Cyber Warfare – Truth, Tactics, and Strategies

By : Dr. Chase Cunningham
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Cyber Warfare – Truth, Tactics, and Strategies

By: Dr. Chase Cunningham

Overview of this book

The era of cyber warfare is now upon us. What we do now and how we determine what we will do in the future is the difference between whether our businesses live or die and whether our digital self survives the digital battlefield. Cyber Warfare – Truth, Tactics, and Strategies takes you on a journey through the myriad of cyber attacks and threats that are present in a world powered by AI, big data, autonomous vehicles, drones video, and social media. Dr. Chase Cunningham uses his military background to provide you with a unique perspective on cyber security and warfare. Moving away from a reactive stance to one that is forward-looking, he aims to prepare people and organizations to better defend themselves in a world where there are no borders or perimeters. He demonstrates how the cyber landscape is growing infinitely more complex and is continuously evolving at the speed of light. The book not only covers cyber warfare, but it also looks at the political, cultural, and geographical influences that pertain to these attack methods and helps you understand the motivation and impacts that are likely in each scenario. Cyber Warfare – Truth, Tactics, and Strategies is as real-life and up-to-date as cyber can possibly be, with examples of actual attacks and defense techniques, tools. and strategies presented for you to learn how to think about defending your own systems and data.
Table of Contents (14 chapters)
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Appendix – Major Cyber Incidents Throughout 2019

Drones…Death from above

Drones are everywhere now. They deliver packages, resupply submarines, and can even deploy medical equipment in an emergency. They are used to map out pipelines, find holes in roofs, and they travel the railways measuring intricate variations in the configurations of steel rails for safety purposes. The applications for these flying computers are limitless.

While the potential use cases of drones are many, so too are the potential threats they represent. Drones are not much more than flying minicomputers. They are composed of systems that enable flight, autonomously or manually, and have intricate control software and capabilities. Military-grade drones are a different story as they have their own internal power plants and are often built to be more resistant to common attack vectors. However, even those drones designed and built with military applications in mind have been compromised in several notable instances.

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