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Learning Bootstrap

By : Judicael Ayo-Dele SOSSOU, Aravind Shenoy, Ulrich Krause
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Learning Bootstrap

By: Judicael Ayo-Dele SOSSOU, Aravind Shenoy, Ulrich Krause

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Learning Bootstrap
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Chapter 2. Installing and Customizing Bootstrap

There are several ways to incorporate Bootstrap into your projects. You can customize Bootstrap depending on your requirement and how you intend to utilize it. At times, you need to make minor changes such as adding colors or changing the font size. For these customizations, you need to create your custom CSS and add it after the Bootstrap CSS file. However, there are situations where you may need to make deeper customizations such as using your own semantic CSS classes or elements. In such a scenario, including your own CSS, in addition to the Bootstrap CSS, may be cumbersome due to bloating because of huge file sizes and download time.

In this chapter, we will cover the following ways to use Bootstrap for your projects:

  • Including Bootstrap in your project

  • The Bootstrap Content Delivery Network (CDN)

  • Overriding with custom CSS

  • The Bootstrap customizer

  • Deep customization of Bootstrap

  • Compiling LESS files