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Instant Building Multi-Page Forms with Yii How-to

By : Uday Sawant
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Instant Building Multi-Page Forms with Yii How-to

By: Uday Sawant

Overview of this book

Yii is a high-performance PHP framework for rapid web application development. It is well-designed, well-supported, easy to learn, and easy to maintain. Forms are the basic method used to collect information on the Internet, and in cases like user registration and payment process, there's a lot of data to be presented and the lists can get lengthy. Instant Building Multi-Page Forms with Yii is a simple and descriptive how-to that provides step-by-step recipes to help you in converting your lengthy forms into short, interactive forms. It will guide you through the inbuilt features of Yii framework to help you with this complex job. The book starts with the basics of Yii and will guide you through creating simple forms before then converting your simple forms into multi-page forms. It will use the capabilities of Yii to ease the tasks required to do this. Yii eases your work by providing options like database connectivity. We will also take a look at the automated code generation capabilities of Yii in generating forms and necessary CRUD operations, as well as looking at how to divide a single long form into multiple views with same controller/action, and then add form validations and AJAX support to the forms. We will also cover the upload process and how to customise Yii's looks.
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