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Build Gamified Websites with PHP and jQuery

By : Detrick DeBurr
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Build Gamified Websites with PHP and jQuery

By: Detrick DeBurr

Overview of this book

Gamification involves the process of leveraging the features of real games into real life. A gamified website has the potential to increase user engagement, ROI, and learning. This book will help you build gamified websites with PHP and jQuery by making you understand the gamification design process to implement game mechanics in practical applications. Gamified websites are very popular amongst Internet users. The gamification of a web content draws users into action to empower them and help them develop new skills. Games engage user attention into the task and each task accomplished will mean the development and enhancement of new skills. This book will help you to apply the essence of games into real word applications such as business and education. Build Gamified Websites with PHP and jQuery aims at empowering and educating the users with an educational gamified website. The book walks through the process of developing a gamified website. Through the course of the book, you will learn gamification development process. The book emphasizes on the application of game mechanics to motivate the user. You will then use the Fogg behaviour model to influence the user behaviour. By the end of the book, you will see yourself building more engaging yet simple websites based on rational principles.
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We are finally at the stage from where we can begin implementation. At this point, we can look at the various game elements (tools) to implement our gamified system. If we have followed the framework upto this point, the mechanics and elements should become apparent. We are not simply adding leaderboards or a point system for the sake of it. We can tie all of the tools we use back to our previous work. This will result in a Gamification Design Matrix for our application. But before we go there, let's stop and take a look at some tools we have at our disposal.

There are a myriad of tools, mechanics, and strategies at our disposal. New ones are being designed everyday. Here are a few of the most common mechanics that we will encounter when designing our gamified system:

  • Achievements: These are specific objectives that a player meets.

  • Avatars: These are visual representations of a player's role, persona, or character in a game.

  • Badges: These are visual elements used to recognize a particular...