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Applied SOA Patterns on the Oracle Platform

By : Sergey Popov
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Applied SOA Patterns on the Oracle Platform

By: Sergey Popov

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Applied SOA Patterns on the Oracle Platform
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An Introduction to Oracle Fusion – a Solid Foundation for Service Inventory
Gotcha! Implementing Security Layers

Oracle Enterprise Business Service's SOA patterns

After completing the previous task, we have a Message Broker that is capable of implementing the RTD interchange pattern in the form of a hub-and-poke controller. Although it is perfectly operational, you have to add a little to the demonstrated code snippets to create a production version. Its practical application is limited by assumptions we made at the beginning of this exercise. Let's repeat the assumptions again:

  • Limited number of protocols.

  • Limited number of message validation techniques.

  • Limited ways of message transformation (XSLT is preferable).

  • Relatively elaborate ways of implementing new delivery options and any pluggable modules in general.

  • When it comes to policy-based management, you will have to manage everything on your own. You will have to implement policy enforcement points (PEP) on your own too.

  • To make the situation more dramatic, as you remember, we even implemented a custom rule engine (although this argument is weak as...