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Digital Java EE 7 Web Application Development

By : Peter Pilgrim
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Digital Java EE 7 Web Application Development

By: Peter Pilgrim

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Digital Java EE 7 presents you with an opportunity to master writing great enterprise web software using the Java EE 7 platform with the modern approach to digital service standards. You will first learn about the lifecycle and phases of JavaServer Faces, become completely proficient with different validation models and schemes, and then find out exactly how to apply AJAX validations and requests. Next, you will touch base with JSF in order to understand how relevant CDI scopes work. Later, you’ll discover how to add finesse and pizzazz to your digital work in order to improve the design of your e-commerce application. Finally, you will deep dive into AngularJS development in order to keep pace with other popular choices, such as Backbone and Ember JS. By the end of this thorough guide, you’ll have polished your skills on the Digital Java EE 7 platform and be able to creat exiting web application.
Table of Contents (21 chapters)
Digital Java EE 7 Web Application Development
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Chapter 6. JSF Flows and Finesse


"I've had a chance to fly a lot of different airplanes, but it was nothing like the shuttle ride."

 --Commander Chris Hadfield

This chapter is about Faces Flow, a new feature in JSF 2.2. The idea of flows stems from the concepts of workflows and business process management. A workflow is often an orchestrated and a repeatable sequence of business activities performed in order to do a unit of achievable work efficiently. The unit of work can involve transformation of state, processing of data, and/or provision of a service or information.

The checkout process in many web e-commerce applications is a good example of a workflow as it appears to the user. When you buy a product from Amazon, the site takes you to a separate area of the website for entering details. Behind the scenes, Amazon will gracefully move you from the micro service, which is responsible for handling products in the electronic and photography section, to the micro service that is the first...