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PrestaShop Module Development

By : Fabien Serny
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PrestaShop Module Development

By: Fabien Serny

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PrestaShop Module Development
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Creating the payment controller

We will now create a front controller named Payment. But first of all, in displayPayment.tpl, set the link to the controller on the href attribute using the getModuleLink method (which we also saw in the previous chapter):

<a href="{$link->getModuleLink('mymodpayment',
'payment')|escape:'html'}" class="mymodpayment">

Next, create the payment.php file in the controllers/front/ directory of your module and fill it with a front controller that will display the payment.tpl template:

class MyModPaymentPaymentModuleFrontController extends ModuleFrontController
  public $ssl = true;

  public function initContent()
    // Call parent init content method

    // Set template


As you might have noticed, I added the public $ssl = true; variable in the preceding code. In a front controller, when the ssl variable is set to true, the SSL option is enabled in the back office...